Setting Up Your Store Page

Store is the place where seller will showcase all his products in a interactive design. By the store a customer will get seller’s product, contact information, store location, and all other information in one view. seller will see the page by navigating toSeller DashboardView My Store .


Store banner will represent seller products concept by one big image. Seller could use a good visual interactive image to grab the attention of customer. Seller will set the image from Seller DashboardSetting page.


Seller could link every social network with his store by link up with them. Mytindahan store has simple view and easy to link up format with store setting for the sellers.


Seller well set his comfortable payment method for the store. Store setting has simple payment method setting option for sellers.


For better contact between seller and customer store settings has contact information insert form combined of phone number, email address, physical location information and location map.


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Category: Vendors Guide

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